Terms of Use

Effective June 11, 2014

CouponAmigos, Inc. (will also be referred to as ‘our’, ‘we’, or ‘us’), offers users a marketplace of digital coupons in the USA (aka: services), to include the site www.couponamigos.com, and any other site that contains CouponAmigos marketing and branding that link back to the following Terms of Use, including mobile apps, any third party merchants (both in store and online). When you use CouponAmigo’s services, you do agree to the following terms in accordance to our services, and that it also creates a legal binding agreement between CouponAmigos and yourself. You can read the Terms of Use below and you are recommended to read our Privacy Policy.

Should you not agree to all of our terms, do not visit or use our services. CouponAmigos has the authority to modify the Terms of Use at any time, without notice, and we may discontinue or add any service at our own discretion. By you utilizing our site, you hereby agree to all the Terms of Use.

Unauthorized copying, access, publication, distribution, sale, exploitation, or any additional transfer form of any part of CouponAmigo’s site, including but not limited to their digital products, content, services, and any other information deemed the property of CouponAmigos is strictly prohibited.

Website Registration and Security

For you to use any section of our services, you need to fully complete our registration process and create an account with CouponAmigos. You hereby represent that all information you provide to us is true, complete, and current, and you ensure compliancy in maintaining this information on a prompt basis. During the registration and account creation process, you may need to create a unique username and password. You do comply and agree that you are the sole user of the account and that all accounts that are created by you are non-transferrable and you are held liable for any misuse of your account(s). CouponAmigos does respect our user’s privacy. We urge you to read our Privacy Policy before you establish an account and utilize our services.


CouponAmigos does not screen or review on a regular basis any content that users contribute to the site. We do have the authority to remove without any notice; any content that is prohibited, or posted. Should you post content on our site, you do warrant and represent that you have the interest, title, and right to the content, to include, but is not limited to any authorization, consent, clearance, or release from any third party (site, individual, or any privacy or publicity rights), which is required for you to upload, post, or submit content, or post content in a public domain. You do agree and ensure that all the content you post is not infringing upon any copyright, privacy right, patent, trademark, moral right, or any other intellectual property right that is recognized by country laws and in a court of law.

You do understand and agree to not post any of the following content types on CouponAmigos site, and in doing so, the content and user account will be deleted promptly: vulgar, obscene or explicit language, nude or explicit photographs, pornography, religious, political, metaphysical or psychic content, pirated software content, malware content, content that harms any entity or individual, content that violates any regulation or law, content that is inappropriate, offensive, or if deemed inappropriate by us.

License to CouponAmigos

When you post any contribution, comment, suggestion, idea, or other feedback to CouponAmigos’ site, you hereby grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to take and use your content to be connected to our services, to include: any rights and license to distribute, copy, display publicly, transmit, edit, reproduce, translate, or incorporate into our services/works, as well as sublicensing it to any of CouponAmigo’s licensing rights to other third parties. You also waive all of your moral rights to the content to be in favor of CouponAmigo. CouponAmigo does have every right to use any and all of the ‘content’ you post in any way we decide, without any notice to you or any obligation to you whatsoever.

Acts Against CouponAmigos’ Services

CouponAmigos grants a non-exclusive, limited, and non-transferable license to use and access services for your enjoyment and personal use as described in our Terms of Use. Users shall not engage in any harmful acts that either directly or indirectly affect our services, to include any one or more of: using services without any limits of an employment agreement that you share your login/password with another individual, manipulating information, forging usernames, impersonating any individual or entity, faking the service usage, violating any of our security features, using any automated or manual software, roots, scripts, or other processes to spider, crawl or scrape our site pages, introduce worms, viruses, Trojan horses, software or other codes into the services we provide, interfering with any network, host, user, individual or entity, collecting and harvesting email addresses or other information of clients, users, by any means, performing reverse engineering, disassembling, or attempting to obtain and derive source code for any intellectual property which is used for our services, engage in mirroring, framing, or creating a simulation of CouponAmigos’ site appearance of our services, forging TCP/IP header packets, or any information in any newsgroup or email post, deep-linking to our services in any capacity without written expressed permission, acting maliciously or illegally against our business or any affiliated businesses of CouponAmigos, using hyperlinks to connect to our services from any site without our consent (ongoing and initially), to compete either indirectly or directly with our services, repurposing or reselling any of our resources and services or soliciting our users (new and prospective), as well as partners, and merchants to compete with CouponAmigos. Violations to our security or system may result in either a criminal or civil liability to you. You hereby agree that you will install anti-virus protections against worms, Trojans, cancelbots, and time bombs or any additional engines or programming routines that are designed to destroy, damage, impair, or disrupt a computer’s operation or functionality.

Accuracy of Information

CouponAmigos does not make any warranty or representation to the accuracy of any offers, including any rebates, coupons, or discounts that are listed on our services or that any other party would acknowledge or offer. CouponAmigos is to not be held responsible for any information change resulting on any third party sites that are linked to our site, and we are unable to read and review all content and information supplied by other entities and sites. CouponAmigos doesn’t warrant that our services would be error free or uninterrupted, or that any defects in the services would be corrected, or that our services would be virus-free.



You hereby understand that any linking from or to our services does not lean in any way that CouponAmigos is affiliated or is endorsed with another site. You do agree to and understand that CouponAmigos is to not be held liable or responsible for all content that is accessed or if any harm comes from third party sites.


You do agree to and understand that every one of CouponAmigos trade names, trademarks, branding, and other logos, which are in the services, are CouponAmigos intellectual property and trademarks. Any trademarks related to merchants are solely the merchants. Any trademark related to a merchant through our services does not insinuate any affiliation towards that merchant.

Intellectual Property

All content exclusive to CouponAmigos in the form of graphics, text, videos, forms, data, audio clips, sounds, music, typefaces, information, logos, designs, photos, graphs, or any other material or software, are the sole property of CouponAmigos, its third party intellectual property rights holders or licensors, are protected under appropriate trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. You are prohibited from modifying, deleting, removing, adding to, coordinating, argumenting, publishing, transmitting, adapting, translating, or participating in any transfer or in any sale of, or deriving any of our works by or from, or exploiting our works in part or in whole. Unauthorized use or copying or disclosing our services and products that result in irreparable injury, not able to be remedied in any law or country, you do agree that CouponAmigos and their partners, merchants, and other affiliates to provide remedies for breaching the terms in providing equitable relief. Any information found on other sites in reference to the services, marketing, or content that CouponAmigos owns, CouponAmigos will follow all DMCA practices in accordance to the applicable laws.

Limitation of Liability, Release and Disclaimer

CouponAmigos services is based on an ‘as is and available’ basis and we do not make any warranties or representations in any kind, either implied or expressed, as to what the services, content, products, or materials available through our services. You hereby agree that you are using our services at your own risk. You are held responsible for all of your interactions with users and merchants of our site. As permitted under all laws that apply, you release CouponAmigos from any and all liability and claims that are related to any service or product from any merchant, in any form, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to the third party failing to comply with any and all laws or any speech or conduct, either offline or online, or including any user. CouponAmigos shall never be held liable for any and all damages of any type that arises from users utilizing this service, which includes but isn’t limited to any punitive, consequential, incidental, indirect, or direct damages. Under certain specific jurisdictions of the law, there are not any limitations or warranties, either implied or direct or the limitation or exclusion of any specific damages. If the laws do apply to yourself, either in part or fully, you may have additional rights.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute or actions related to our terms are governed by the laws in the United States, regardless of the country you reside in. Both CouponAmigos and you agree that any claims that arise from the terms are to be resolved in a federal or state court of CouponAmigos choosing and jurisdiction.


For a claim that has an amount that is under $10,000, the entity or party that requests relief is able to resolve such dispute in a manner that is cost effective through a non-appearance arbitration hearing. Should the party choose arbitration, they shall initiate it through an alternative dispute resolution entity that is agreed upon by both parties.


You hereby agree to and acknowledge to hold and indemnify CouponAmigos, its employees, officers, affiliates, and other partners harmless, to include any and all attorney costs and fees, from any demand or claim created or initiated by any third party due to your usage of CouponAmigos services, any violation of our Terms, or any infringements that occurred in your name and under your account(s), or of any property or right of any entity or individual that arises out of the services or products you purchased within our services by CouponAmigos.


CouponAmigos disclaims every liability and responsibility for the timeliness, availability, reliability or security of its services. CouponAmigos has the exclusive right to discontinue, modify, or suspend services or access to our services to any entity or member at any time, without any notice or liability to yourself.

Injunctive Relief

You hereby agree to and acknowledge that any breach or violation to our Terms that may end up causing CouponAmigos irreparable or immediate damage or harm. You also do agree and acknowledge, notwithstanding any additional provision of our Terms or any additional legal requirement, that we have the right and discretion to obtain as well as seek preliminary injunctive relief, including but not limited to restraining orders, as well as seeking permanent relief, should you violate our Terms. In addition to any other remedy in accordance to the law or equity, CouponAmigos may also seek certain performance to any of the Terms, which includes both permanent and preliminary injunction.