Privacy Policy for Coupon Amigos

Effective June 8, 2014

The following Privacy Policy, details out how CouponAmigos, Inc. (‘CouponAmigos’, ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ respectively), both uses and collects a variety of information as soon as you contact us and our site. This policy applies to everyone who visits and uses CouponAmigo’s site, which is published at, including any other branding and marketing on any smartphone applications offered.

We urge you to read our Privacy Policy in its entirety. This Privacy Policy is the most current version and supersedes all prior Privacy Policies; and users who started using our services prior to the above effective date, they also are required to follow this policy. Should you not agree to any of our services or practices, then immediately stop what you are doing and unsubscribe, don’t register, or initiate an account creation act. By using our CouponAmigo services, you also do agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Information We Collect From You

The personal information you provide to us will be used to locate, identify, or contacting a user. The following types of information we may collect from you includes:

How We Collect Your Information

You may be asked to provide certain information that identifies who you are when you create your account, subscribe to our site, or register with our site. We also collect certain information when you utilize our services. One example would be to collect information based on the types of coupons you view or utilize. CouponAmigos also uses certain technologies and cookies to gather information about you.

We may also gather information if you contact us through texting, email, telephone, mail, or any other communication methods. Should you use social media or a mobile phone or device or any other communication method to reach our site, those platforms may have their own policy you would have to agree to and comply with in addition to CouponAmigo’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Should you visit our site on mobile devices, we may gather information based on the device you use. The information we gather is to get to know you and how we can tailor our services to better assist you.

How We Use Your Information You Provide to CouponAmigos.

CouponAmigos uses the information you provide to us for:

Why and When We Disclose Your Information

As required by law do we share your information as stated as follows:

Technology and Cookies

When using CouponAmigos services, we will gather information based on an electronic or automated means. For example, cookies, web beacons, flash objects, and server logs are some of the technological items we use to collect information to get to know our users more. Web browsers and other devices share information without you knowing and you agree to this when you are using our services and are on our site at any time.

An example of cookies: CouponAmigos and other providers and partners may or may not put cookies on your devices or computers. These are solely for tracking and to recognize who you are. There are two types of cookies that may be used: Session and persistent cookies. Persistenc cookies are essentially permanent and session is temporary. We may also use Flash LSO, or local storage objects to collect additional information related to transactions when you utilize our CouponAmigo services. Pixel tags are another technological item we use to gather information as they measure communications for improving our site and promotions.

CouponAmigos developed third party relationships for advertising companies to put ads on third party sites to report and track our services. Unless disclosed in this policy, we will not share your personal information to other third parties. Even if you do visit third party sites not related to us, they may end up sharing your personal information they can collect when you visit. We are not liable for that information they gather.


CouponAmigos allows you to personalize your experience so we can get to know what your likes and dislikes are so we can tailor our services to you. You can limit the amount of information and communications that we provide to you.

Connect Via Social Networks

Users can manage what they share in terms of personal information when they sign up through their social networking application or platform. You can look at your own privacy settings to adjust what you share including permissions.

Notice for Users Who Reside Outside the USA

CouponAmigos is located within the borders of the United States. Your information may be transferred to our partners, affiliates, or providers anywhere else in the world. When you give us permission to your personal information, you agree and acknowledge that the information may receive requests from courts, law enforcement agencies, and other national security organizations within the USA in accordance to their laws.

Third Party Privacy Policies

This privacy policy is solely for CouponAmigo’s website, as it includes our users interacting with our own site and services. There are other sites that have their own privacy policy practices that you should make yourself aware of. Our partners, merchants, and providers may also have their own privacy policy and you are recommended to read and understand their policies before using their site or services.

Privacy Policy Changes

CouponAmigos has the ability to change this privacy policy as they please, and without notice to their users of the changes. The version that is on the site supersedes any other privacy policy and is the most recent version of the privacy policy. We recommend you read the privacy policy from time to time to be aware of any changes that occurred since the prior version was released.

Privacy Policy Related to Children

CouponAmigos prohibits children less than eighteen years of age from accessing and using the services we provide on our site. The services we provide are solely for adult use. When you utilize CouponAmigos services, you agree that you are at a minimum of eighteen years and you do comprehend and comply with the fact that you need to be eighteen years at least to utilize our services. Should we discover an account that was created by a minor under the age of eighteen, we will immediately delete the information and all the details in the account.